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Appellate Attorneys in Indiana

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The Indiana criminal appeals process is unlike trial court proceedings. Although the deadline for filing an appeal happens relatively quickly, the process itself often moves slowly. Having an appellate attorney on your side is crucial for convincing the appellate court that an error was made with your conviction or that the sentence you received was unfair. At Bleile & Dawson in Indiana, our experienced appellate attorneys will act quickly on your behalf and help ensure that your rights are protected.

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What Does an Appeals Attorney Do?

A criminal appeals attorney takes on a variety of responsibilities. Since the appellate court does not act as a trial court, but rather acts more in a review capacity, the focus will be on the process instead of the evidence in your case.

Here are some of the functions your appeals attorney will perform:

  • Ensuring you do miss any of the tight appellate court deadlines
  • Putting together a comprehensive record on appeal
  • Examining the record on appeal to determine what errors were made, which would warrant different results for your case
  • Communicating why the original verdict should be reversed
  • Convincing the appellate court through oral arguments and written briefs that an error was made and needs to be corrected

The attorneys who represented you at trial do not have to assist you with your appeal. Hiring a new legal team to handle your case can provide a fresh perspective and address the errors that ultimately led to the outcome you received.

The Appeals Process

The appeals process may move slowly, but it has several tight deadlines your attorney will have to stay on top of.

Here is a brief overview:

  • Notice of appeal: Due 30 days after a decision is noted in the case summary.
  • Record: The trial court clerk or agency has 30 days after filing a notice of appeal to issue a notice of completion of the clerk’s record
  • Transcript: The court reporter has 45 days after the notice of appeal to file a transcript with the trial court.
  • Opening brief: Due 30 days after filing a service notice of completion of the clerk’s record.
  • Response brief: Due 30 days after the service of opening brief.
  • Reply brief: Due 15 days after service of response.
  • Oral argument: Motions are due 7 days after the last reply brief’s due date. The response is due within 15 days of service.
  • Rehearing: A petition for rehearing is due 30 days after decision.
  • Transfer: The transfer petition is due 45 days after decision.

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At Bleile & Dawson in Indiana, our appeals team will work tirelessly on your behalf to reverse the outcome of your case. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, you can rely on us to secure the best results.

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Some of Our Past Results

  • Case Dismissed Assault and E.P.O
  • Not Guilty Rape
  • Investigation Terminated, No Arrest of Client Rape, Gross Sexual Abuse
  • Case Dismissed Rape, Unlawful Sexual Contact With a Minor
  • No Charges Filed Child Pornography
  • Case Dismissed; No Criminal Charges Filed Child Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • No Charges Filed; No Arrest Rape
  • No Charges Filed Gross Sexual Imposition
  • Client arrested but Failure to Indict Rape, Gross Sexual Imposition
  • No Charges Filed Incest