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Indiana Internet Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

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While internet technology has enhanced our lives, it can also bring forth legal complications. When a sex offense allegedly occurs through the use of the internet, it becomes a very serious matter that requires an attorney who is experienced in such cases. If this describes your situation, it is vital that you call Bleile & Dawson as soon as possible. Our early intervention in the matter is crucial to ensure that you are protected throughout every aspect of the investigation and legal proceedings.

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Facts about Internet Sex Crimes in Indiana

Because of how pervasive the internet has become in society, law enforcement and government officials have adapted their investigative techniques in their search for violators. Information concerning your internet searches can now be monitored and retrieved by these agencies. Internet sex crimes involve any type of sexual offense committed through the use of computer technology.

Common internet sex crimes include:

  • The possession, sales, distribution, or exchange of child pornography
  • Solicitation of prostitution
  • Solicitation of sexual activity with a minor
  • Sexting with a minor

Additionally, law enforcement agencies also now engage in sting operations in their attempts to obtain incriminating evidence. When we investigate your case, we will be looking for unlawful or compromised methods that may have led to your arrest.

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Our law firm practices sex crime defense solely, giving us unmatched focus and experience. When you work with our legal team, you can rest assured that your case will be managed by attorneys who are committed and highly skilled. Call us today so that we can quickly get to work establishing your defense.

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Some of Our Past Results

  • Case Dismissed Assault and E.P.O
  • Not Guilty Rape
  • Investigation Terminated, No Arrest of Client Rape, Gross Sexual Abuse
  • Case Dismissed Rape, Unlawful Sexual Contact With a Minor
  • No Charges Filed Child Pornography
  • Case Dismissed; No Criminal Charges Filed Child Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence
  • No Charges Filed; No Arrest Rape
  • No Charges Filed Gross Sexual Imposition
  • Client arrested but Failure to Indict Rape, Gross Sexual Imposition
  • No Charges Filed Incest